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5 Benefits of Sales Tracking Software for Pharma Industry

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Since 2005, the e-detailing make inroads into the pharma landscape to add a layer of digitization on the presentation which was delivered through brochures and booklets. Initially, it was difficult for the companies to warmly-cuddle the digitization of sales conversation and convinced the sales reps to leverage it as a powerful tool. Later, the presentation on the iPad or tablet goes into the mainstream.

With increasing digital preferences of physicians, the medical reps started moving in the field with the iPad in the bag. The digital sales pitches were not enough in the competitive market place to meet the HCPs, make them listen, engage in conversation, and finally convert them. That’s why pharma companies have begun supercharging the sales reps with Field Salesforce software that optimizes the performance and makes the most out of the resources.

It’s just the tip of the iceberg. The advanced software is offering a lot more in the bucket. Intrigued to know more? Let’s explore how sales tracking software brings a slew of benefits for the pharma companies:

  • Record the data precisely

The sales reps are having multiple appointments with different HCPs where every discussion varies in nature, demands, and preferences. There exist chances that sales reps failed to keep all the data in mind and penned it down exactly for further visits.

It can be avoided with tracking software, which allows the sales reps to upload any type of data, be it in the form of text, picture, or audio for every discussion held with an HCP during an appointment. The centralized storage of data in a segregated manner comes handy in data retrieval during follow-ups or future visits.

  • Reporting simplified

The continuous traveling from the HCP visit to back-office and then again back-office to another HCP which goes on, for reporting the management team about the stage at which the lead is in the sales funnel is tiresome, time-expensive, and inefficient.  When MR Reporting Software is provided to sales reps, they can report the information to the management team in real-time.

It eliminates the need to waste time, dollars, and resources for reporting and drive sales effectiveness.

  • Meeting deadlines becomes a breeze

The sales reps are humans and it’s possible that they forgot to meet a physician according to schedule. The errors are no exception, but the consequences are poor that negatively impact the sales reps’ performance and make the HCPs upset as well.

With sales tracking software in hand, the sales reps can easily access the appointment with HCPs and allocated tasks. Additionally, to ensure the sales reps won’t forget to show up the HCPs, the reminders for the scheduled appointment with a physician are sent, so there will be no delays and failure to show up.

  • Performance tracking

The field force management is quite a task for the manager sitting inside the four walls of the office building. The manager can motivate and inspire the sales team, but conventionally tracking them on the field is beyond the bounds of possibility.

The sales tracking application helps the managers to allocate the task, check the performance against defined KPIs, prioritize the tasks based on the individual’s performance, and ensure it’s completed as defined. It brings a sense of commitment to the team and mitigates the probability of failure to meet the goals as they know they are under vigilance all the time, even on the field.

  • Sample and gifts distribution management

The gifts and sample distribution has become a part and parcel of the pharma product sales services to engage the HCP and make them consider the products. But, the gifts and sample distribution management is not effortless.

The tracking software comes to rescue. The app displays the distribution chart determining the samples and gifts to be given to different HCPs, enable tracking of the total number of samples and gifts in the stock, and check the availability reports to optimize the distribution operations.

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