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Remote Detailing- A New Reality In Pharma Company’s Field Force!

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The motivated salesforce is always ready to crush the deals. When the sales reps keep winning, their motivation keeps expanding like a mushroom. With technology progress, the obsolete marketing tools have become an enemy, making the team’s performance go southwards. In times of recession, uncertainty, and digital change, the pharma companies raise their voice for the problem. 

Well, the technology enablement in pharma sales and marketing is the answer. We have helped many of our clients facing the same issues with remote e-detailing solutions. It has helped the sales reps perform efficiently and upped the ROI game. We will understand it in the case study- what and how we did this so far. Let’s dive in!

The challenges that put sales reps in trouble

The skilled team of field reps was underperforming because they won’t have enough information about HCPs. The lack of an up-to-date database bringing a couple of challenges to the table that are-

  • Nearly half of the sales reps’ time gets spent commuting and waiting for the HCPs for a face-to-face meeting. The tight HCP’s schedule won’t let them gain more than five minutes to meet and chat with HCPs. Alas! The opportunity for delivering quality presentations and making HCPs remember any information from e-detailing slides becomes implausible. 
  • In the event- the sales reps manage to capture more time for an e-detailing session, the conversation is of little value because the repetitive content of slides no more intrigues the HCPs. Alas! The quality is missing in face-to-face meetings.
  • The absence of up-to-date information in CRM makes the field reps visit the HCPs in the place that they have left quite before. Consequently, a lot of time and effort gets wasted.


The solution to reinforce pharma’s field force

The old marketing strategy with zero flexibility stales the performance. When the research has been conducted, a couple of things has been found, that’s HCPs need information from pharma companies. They want to consume the data but in digital format and during weekends. The HCPs are more likely interested in virtual meetings, webinars, and self-guided virtual details, and accessing online resources. 

The virtual HCP engagement is a demand that the pharma field force can fulfill through e-detailing software. The e-detailing pharma software is a cardinal communication strategy that extends the database with data captured from remote calls and face-to-face meetings. This, in turn, improves the presentation quality and reduces field expenses. 

How to get started with Digital HCP engagement?

  • Create a strategic plan

Organize the CRM database of HCPs by segmenting the list of HCPs depending on their preferences for communication, either by remote calling or face-to-face meeting. Once the database gets updated according to the HCPs’ preferences, the team should prepare templates for the campaign, create content for emails and self-detailing channels, and e-detailing channels for remote calls. Later, the field reps were trained on how to best conduct the remote call with HCPs. 

  • Prepare contextual content

Creating interactive presentations is sometimes not enough during remote calling to convince the preoccupied HCPs. That’s where, when an email is complemented with distant calling, and the HCPs have made to gain valuable information through their preferred channel. You can include the data from the previous call and connect it with a key message in the email content that reps will discuss in the future call. It’s a great retention tool that can make the HCP interested in the next meeting. Besides, field reps can send email follow-ups with a questionnaire or send a link for self-detailing. 

  • Implement the tools sequentially

At first, schedule the remote meeting for sales reps and provide access to interactive presentations that field reps can use whenever required. During communication, the sales reps can seamlessly switch between slides and presentations. At the same time, the HCPs can interact with the presentation and provide the inputs. The feedback is taken from every HCP during the meeting regarding content interactivity level. During follow-ups, the self-detailing link or attached questionnaire has been sent.  

  • Quantify data to make it perform

The analytics tool integration helps in identifying the Pharma HCP engagement levels with the feedback capturing feature. It facilitates collecting the HCPs’ input during the remote calls or self-detailing from any device. It further helps in knowing the HCPs’ preferences for face-to-face and remote calls so the company can tailor the ratio balance accordingly. 

The feedback, including call duration, devices leveraged for the meeting, interest during call duration, reaction to each slide, and percentage ratio of remote call vs. face-to-face meeting, plays a vital role in the marketing decision-making process. 

  • The winning upshots

The flexibility to meet via remote calls increase the duration of call with HCPs, and contextual content intrigues the HCPs, which, in turn, improves the HCPs’ satisfaction. Besides, the remote detailing in remote calls is an inexpensive approach that uplifts conversion chances, followed by improved HCPs engagement. The enhanced reach to the HCPs resulted in higher productivity and boosted ROI. 

Our clients have experienced staggering results, and now, it’s your turn. 😊

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