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Top 5 Benefits Of Adopting Product E-Detailing To HCP’s In Pharma Companies.

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A lot has changed in the last decade. I know you are also thinking the same. 😊

Just a click, you get a taxi, grocery, salon, fuel, and pretty more things. Isn’t it?

Every industry has surprised the world with incredible innovations and unimaginable transformations, then how the pharmaceutical landscape can stay behind. The pharma companies have reinvented the traditional business model, which they are following for decades. What’s that?

Thousands of medical representatives are hired who desperately move door-to-door in a hustle to get a couple of minutes from the busy HCP’s schedule for communicating and convincing them for the product. However, persuading the HCPs to prefer drug A over drug B because of high efficacy and fewer side effects was inefficient. Sadly, the labor-intensive approach won’t allow the pharma companies to perform to the notch.

That’s why the voice- “Is there any better way?” heard in the market.

Thankfully, technological progress has given addressed the pharma challenges in the form of e-detailing solutions. With passing time, e-detailing has become a de-facto standard of medical presentations. It’s helping the pharma companies to make great strides with improved HCPs engagement, marketing automation, and increased sales by standing up-to-the customers’ expectations.

Let’s first understand e-detailing in a nutshell!

The e-detailing is the digital version of sales content, which becomes accessible using digital devices like- mobile phones, tablets, or laptops. As the HCPs are tech-savvy, they are quick to use smartphones, tablets, and the internet and find the interaction more interesting. What’s more? A large amount of time is wasted in preparation and waiting; it’s saved and leveraged to take the follow-ups. All in all, e-detailing allows the sales reps to virtually meet the HCPs and let them go through all the required material as effectively as they do during an in-person meeting.

The latest pandemic has forced all the pharma companies to join the e-detailing arms race, even those companies that are watching the electronic detailing concept from the sidelines. Post-crisis, the pharma companies are found to increase the investment in digital infrastructure and experimenting with new approaches to improve sales productivity.

Here are the business benefits of e-detailing over traditional detailing that you can’t ignore

It’s cost-savvy

The e-detailing means no more waiting as the sales reps will meet the HCP at the time of their convenience. Also, with e-detailing, the communication time is reduced by a large amount as HCPs can go through the digital content when they have time. It means saving on time, and quality communication increases the chances of closing the deal because the reps would likely focus on strengthening relationships with HCPs. When the returns-to-expense ratio is compared, the e-detailing visits win over traditional visit.

Ensure higher accuracy

Conventionally, when sales reps create, interpret, and execute the marketing message, there exists room for error that can break the deal. On the other hand, e-detailing is carefully scripted with impactful content, including text, animated graphics, and videos to draw the attention of the HCPs. Even during the content updation in e-detailers, the updates from the recent studies are made precisely that ensures data is up-to-date every time. However, guaranteeing accuracy during peer-to-peer e-detailing interactions is tricky.

Improve data accessibility

The advantage of e-detailing is- data is accessible on multiple devices by several stakeholders anytime, anywhere. The virtual e-detailing during webinars or e-visit allows the sales reps to provide access to the drug information. The e-detailing complements the sales conversation when e-detailing is designed intriguingly. 

Make the communication- highly-targeted

During virtual meetings, the sales conversation is fewer. It makes the role of sales pitch vital in keeping the HCPs engaged with the presentation. The e-detailing tools help create the best conversation structure that allows sales reps to quickly reach the leads and make the most out of the opportunities.

Also, during interactions, when sales reps identify the points that are deterring the HCP, they can address them off the bat using e-detailing. It leads to better interaction and better dialogue.

Taking a step ahead, when sales reps reach out to the HCP the next time, he can better engage and make them interested in the drug because of the better understanding of the preferences (Captured from previous interactions).

An integrated approach to win the HCPs

When sales reps approach the HCPs, they use a unique tactic during the face-to-face meetings. When it comes to executing digital marketing campaigns, web meetings, and continuous follow-ups, connecting the dots is imperative. It’sfeasible when all the digital channels are integrated and connected with CRM to better distribute the content. What’s more? It enables sales reps to deliver consistent experiences irrespective of the channel they are using.

Automated analytics gives a significant boost

During face-to-face meetings or web meetings, the analytical tool integrated with the e-detailing tool capture the interaction data, analyze the data, and generate reports on engagement automatically. The engagement level helps in tracking the KPIs and identifying the pain points that need to fix. The improved communication based on the rich insights leads to higher engagement which uplifts the closing rates.

The future

Let’s accept it: Engaging the HCPs nowadays is not a work of an average Joe. That’s where sales reps struggling to make a way out of it. Embracing digital detailing has come out as the best solution. It’s no more a novelty but has become a utility tool for the pharma companies to grow boundlessly. Besides, the tool better answers personalization, expensive factor, data accessibility, and impreciseness issues that pharma companies facing. Avail the opportunity by making e-detailing presentations an integral part of the meetings with HCPs. All the best!

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