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Implementation of Sales Force Automation Software -A Boon or Challenge For The Pharma Business

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Let’s accept it: markets have become more dynamic and competition aggressive for the pharma companies. Thankfully, technology advancements are unfolding a slew of opportunities to identify the gap and better manage pharma business operations to keep the business growing by the implementation of sales force automation solution.

Salesforce automation software has come out with such an effective solution, that’s becoming a part and parcel of every pharma company to keep the marketing and sales team performing to the notch. Introducing the game of mobilization has up the ante of salesforce organizational and associated activities management.

Let’s Understand Salestrip SFA in A Nutshell


The challenges that SFA implementation brings to the table and How Salestrip SFA helps you overcome them.


Lacks users’ interest

Initially, salespeople show reluctance to salesforce automation software adoption. They need to be convinced of the SFA solution that makes the process and other activities transparent. However, the sheer transparency that allows managers to monitor their performance makes the sales reps feel unwell.

Solution: The sales reps should be informed about the advantages of SFA such as improved performance, real-time access to client information, easy reporting, reviewing client’s satisfaction, and others. It helps them know how SFA allows them to work effectively not just enable managers to closely track their activities. The increased involvement of sales reps allows SFA to bring additional benefits to the company.

Reluctance by management

The warm welcome of SFA by the management is all-important for easy roll-out at the middle and lower levels. This is the most difficult thing- convincing top management as their assertiveness helps in keeping the sales reps empowered to use the solution.

Solution: Before rolling out the SFA project in stages, it’s vital to bring management in confidence regarding the benefits of the solution. Their active involvement helps in planning and execution of the SFA solution and training the sales reps.

Hassles in SFA integration with existing systems

The SFA can yield better results when it integrates and functions well with the existing systems such as CRM, ERP, CMS, and other legacy solutions. The seamless connection between SFA and other systems makes an invaluable contribution to sales growth. The possibilities of data loss are a concern for the companies.

Solution: The solution is to analyze SFA software functioning and integration with other systems. It unveils how the salestrip software fits the best pharma company’s third-party systems and external systems to derive maximum advantages. You should check aspects of cloud facility, mobile app integration, and others if required for better interfacing.

Absence of structured and well-organized data

Before implementing SFA software in the pharma business, make sure the data is structured and accurate. Organizing the cluttered data such as customers, product, payment, salesperson, routes, and others is important for exporting to SFA, else it displays errors.

Solution: You should double-check if the data is organized and structured well or not before transferring it into the SFA solution. The data arrangements in a pre-defined format make it easy to integrate SFA with existing systems.

Training incurs a lot of time and dollars investment

Convincing the management and sales reps for SFA implementation is a half-won battle. Training them for the SFA solution usage brings victory to another half of the battle. The training with experienced trainers makes it easy to get the expected level of outcomes.

Solution: Before SFA implementation, make the team ready to use the SFA solution through training. Be it in the form of online training with user interaction involved, offline training at the office, and others. Post-implementation also, when SFA gets updated, the sales reps should be trained for the same.

Unscheduled implementation

SFA implementation is not a plain-sailing process. Implementation scheduling done at the last moment bring troubles to the organization and the plan may stop abruptly.

Solution: SFA implementation schedule must be planned proactively so that SFA gets incorporated step-by-step. The scheduling helps in identifying the problems that may pop up at a later stage. It streamlines the implementation process.

Maintenance during implementation

When a new SFA is integrated with the existing system, there is a lot of back-and-forths involved with data transfer. The data migration involves data duplication, user authentication, security, access control, and users mapping that needs to be handled, monitored, and maintained for the best results.

Solution: Plan a migration strategy ahead of SFA scheduled implementation so that post-integration, all the systems, and data interact glitch-free. It ensures the system gets utilized to its peak capacity along with improved ROI.


Getting acquainted with new things is not easy- it’s human nature. But slowly they accept the changes. Remember, how habitual we have become of digital devices, remote learning, and virtual training in pharma. SFA software implementation is no exception. Salestrip SFA solution has proved its mettle across the globe. If you are interested, get connected with our consultants to know more.

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