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Why Pharma Companies Warmly-Embracing eLearning For In-House Talents Training?

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During the past two decades, the pharma companies have registered significant growth and revenues, that’s $1.27 trillion globally.

Behind the scene: the growth followed by digital innovations that have armed pharma specialists with tools and systems to improve their productivity and gain an edge in the competition. Digitization makes it necessary to make the talents well-versed in technology.

However, imparting the training to the staff is a daunting task because of the lack of qualified trainers, the quick launch of new drugs, changing market scenarios, deliver compliance training, and optimal use of training. Plus, during the pandemic, training the teams remotely- become quite a task.

All things together forced pharma and life science companies to reconsider the training practices. That’s where eLearning solutions become the biggest rescuer.

eLearning solutions help companies overcome all the challenges involved- training in-house talents with the right mix of audio, video, images, graphs, and animation. Also, it creates a myriad of opportunities in addition to a slew of benefits.

The advantages of choosing an eLearning solution for pharma companies

Enable training in an instructor-independent format

Hiring good trainers for staff training is a big deal for pharma companies. The eLearning solutions take the place of skilled instructors and train the staff with the required knowledge and upskill them. For instance, the eLearning tool for drug-modeling software makes the staff- up-to-date with the knowledge and skills needed to use the software. Additionally, eLearning solutions ensure consistency in training’s quality that’s uncertain with a human trainer.

Easy to create and update

If you are dealing in the pharma industry, you must be aware of the patent’s shelf life, which is not more than five years. Conclusively, new drugs are released nearly every year, which makes it necessary to train the staff. Conventionally, it’s a time-consuming and tedious job to create and distribute the collateral to sales reps and HCPs. On the flip side, the eLearning tools are easy and quick to update, which reduces the time gap between drug launch and training the staff.  The sales reps are well-versed with drug knowledge as soon as it’s released in the market.

Analytics allow progress tracking

eLearning solution facilitates progress tracker tool which enables keeping a tab on every learner. This, in turn, allows training program organizers to track learners’ progress in the training program and send email feedback for the same. The online training program includes several chapters where the new model comes up as the learner advances in the learning. It informs pharma companies about the level of mastery that different employees have achieved on the new drug. The test results help a ton.

Make the learning standard

Pharma industry is a highly regulated industry where even the training programs must be compliant with regulations provided by the nation’s government. eLearning solution makes it utterly easy to create learning courses with a compliant plan at hand. A team is assigned that creates content based on the company’s recommendations for design, customer journey, and other plans. The system takes the responsibility of distributing content to all the learners across various channels.

Turn the learning experience into personalized and interactive

Let’s accept it: learning about life science product means memorizing huge volumes of information, which is a daunting task. eLearning solution makes it plain-sailing with proper structuring of content, fitting them into the various designs, and then presenting them with animation. It encourages the learners to learn the material, and even they can remember comparatively more data.

Tailoring the content according to employees’ roles and responsibilities brings a personalization element, which increases the information memorization rate. What’s more? The sales reps receive the interactive content and can retain the message content for a long time.

Keep sales reps up-to-date with changing landscape

According to PWC research, pharma companies are transforming at an astronomical rate. The role of sales reps is turning into a specialist who has in-depth knowledge about new products. That’s where online courses play a vital role by providing comprehensive training to the sales reps. Besides, the mobile-responsive eLearning solutions come in handy that allows pharma personnel to learn while they are on the go. It eliminates the need to repetitively calling the managers to use their mantle.


Yield the best value for training dollar

Traditionally, the companies invest billions of dollars in training for one drug launch, which is of no value when the second drug is released. On the other side, the eLearning solution is a one-time investment that pays off in dividends. The online courses are easy to create and update, which makes them reusable every time. Plus, it guarantees quality training, facilitates accessibility anytime, anywhere, and enables employees to learn at their schedule. It saves millions of dollars as employees can learn when they are in transit, and thus working hours get saved. You can overcome the lack of qualified instructors.

How can Salestrip software help you?

Salestrip software provides an eLearning tool that enables sales reps of the pharma companies to get professional training about the product at the right time and the right place. The eLearning solution was designed and created based on the customers’ needs. The companies are allowed to scale the content while complying with all the regulations and maintaining corporate standards. The eLearning services include- concept creation, technology development, visual designing, creating interactive content, and material distribution to learners.

Do you want to know more? Interested in embracing eLearning solutions to boost in-house talent productivity? If so, get connected with our business consultants that will help you in every way possible.

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