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How Strategic Digital Marketing Campaign Helps In Engaging Potential HCPs?

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Gone are the days when reaching, communicating, and convincing HCPs for the medical product is a piece of cake. The doors that welcome the sales reps once upon a time are now nearly closed for sales reps. The HCPs claim to get busier and have little-to-no time during working hours for face time for sales reps. Of course, it makes no sense to capture some minutes from the busy schedule because the HCPs won’t communicate with interest.

It doesn’t mean the HCPs are unreachable. Instead, wearing the HCPs lens, it’s better to reach them at the time of their convenience with the succinct and easy-to-consume content, which is easy to understand. The pharma companies should stop reinventing the wheel with generic brochures and begin engaging the HCPs digitally.

However, the pharma industry is slow to digital adoption, but the leading players have buck-up the speed to step in with the digital revolution. But the companies that are getting the digital marketing campaigns right are reaping good rewards.

The pharma marketers spending a good amount of time and dollars in understanding new digital channels and tools to implement the marketing strategies that deliver outstanding results. They leverage the blend of physical and digital interactions to distribute the content and strengthen relationships with HCPs. Here we have designed the best-integrated sales and marketing strategies that allow pharma companies to engage the busy HCPs.

Let’s dive in!

  • Create HCPs persona


The marketing campaign is futile if it fails to impress the HCPs and make them interested in the medical product. The marketing tactic that’s working most these days is- personalization. Personalized marketing requires building the persona of every HCP that they want to target. The HCPs persona is about creating an imaginary presentation of HCPs based on the location, daily activities, and needs. The information extracted from the previous meetings occurred with the HCPs.

Collectively creating templates for HCPs of different specializations help the sales reps to approach the HCPs in an individualized manner. When the approach is unique, targeting even the same product appears different to the HCPs.

  • Wrap the emails under the personalization layer

Email marketing is an old digital marketing strategy that still works if the personalized emails sent in a segmented fashion. The research had proven that HCPs prefer to get connected with pharma companies through email, which means they are interested in getting connected through email medium.

When the marketers customized the email content depending on the HCP’s preferences and needs, the chances of opening, reading, and responding to the email are high. Plus, email marketing won’t put a deep hole in the company’s pocket, so it’s worth investing efforts and resources in sending custom emails to a segmented list of HCPs.

  • Make e-detailing- part and parcel of meetings with HCPs


With reduced face-to-face time, paper brochures or booklets are becoming an extinct species, which is even less favored by the HCPs. When virtual visits or web meetings are gaining traction, it’s essential to transform the paper content into digital content. That’s product e-detailing.

The e-detailing includes text, animated videos, and images that make presentations and interaction appealing. Plus, it’s found that physicians spend an hour or two watching videos, so if you convert the product description into short self-explanatory videos, the probability of getting the product heard increases. What’s more?

The mobile device always in HCPs pocket or desktop/laptop on their desk, the access to your medical product information anytime, anywhere becomes possible.

  • Include fact-based case studies that add weight to the conversation


When you sell something to the buyer, they want to know the product performance in the market such as how well it’s performing, customers’ reviews, and other things. The digital marketing campaign to sell pharma products is no different. That’s where case studies help in showcasing the positive effects of the product, patients’ testimonials, and the success story alongside statistics.

Displaying the complete story in the form of video increases its reach to the HCPs. When leveraged during web meetings, the scientific information help in pushing the lead down the sales funnel.

  • A laser focus on the funnel is vital


The single type of communication won’t work for the HCPs that are standing at various positions in the sales funnel. The HCP at every position needs to be handled with a unique sales pitch and updated marketing material. Dynamic messaging and sequential communication play an important role in controlling and converting the HCPs.

Summing it up

Pharma companies are ramping up their digital marketing efforts, but they pay off when the efforts are optimized. The pharma marketing tactics help get the product message heard at scale, better target the right channels, and track all the outcomes in real-time. It helps in better assessing the marketing campaign performance and the tweaks that can boost the conversion. Follow the digital marketing strategies when you are in trouble to reach and convert the HCPs.

Do you have something else in mind? You have tried another strategy that has helped you in bringing the HCP down the conversion funnel. Do share with us, we would love to hear from you and add it to the list.

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