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Top 7 Benefits Of Monitoring Field Sales Force With GPS Tracking System

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A couple of questions:

Is the field sales force truly visiting the customers as allocated?

Is the field sales force following the daily schedule?

Is the field sales force working to peak efficiency?

Is the field sales force unable to engage the customers?

And, so on…

What’s the answer? If the answer to above all questions is ‘NO’ or ‘NOT SURE’, then reading further would justify your time investment. J

The field sales force is considered as a highly unregulated industry where the lack of visibility into sales employees’ activities, work responsibilities, and productivity, when they are on the field, pops up many business challenges. It’s difficult for the sales manager sitting inside the four walls of the office to identify that field employee is truly meeting the assigned customer, performing as expected, sending genuine reports and bills post-visit, and making the necessary efforts to close the deal.

The GPS tracking system embedded in the field employee app gives all the superpowers to the managers that they can track the field employees in nanoseconds with no glitches. The system is efficient in field service management in the sense it always keeps tabs on the geographically dispersed team and provides more visibility into activities, more control on expenses, and more insights into workflows.

It sounds interesting! The business intelligence gets into the picture, in addition to 24/7 monitoring, tracking, management, and automation. Want to dig deeper?

Take a look at the benefits that the organization will reap post GPS monitoring and tracking system implementation:

  • Instant tracking

The login and logout timings of the field force reveal how long employees are on the field and working for the organization. The real-time tracking helps in computing the total productive hours. Also, the managers can assign new clients and meet with the clients that are nearest to field employee location, which further saves time, fuel, and efforts.

  • Route optimization

The long-travel means increased spending on fuel and time, which is bear by organizations, and that’s a sort of wastage if an alternate short and safe route is available. The GPS tracking system suggests the best route to the employee that helps them reach the location in reduced time and fuel consumption.

  • Fair reimbursement

With the sales field app, there will not be daily reporting issues where the sales reps need to physically visit the office after every client meeting or once in a day to provide the detailed reports. It’s a big saving on time and fuel. But, there exist chances where the sales reps showcase more clients and distance is traveled than actual visits.

The GPS monitoring system has an answer to this problem where detailed reports on fuel and distance of each employee are recorded that doesn’t allow any employee to take the undue advantage of travel allowances. 

  • Increase throughput

Providing access to marketing collateral, customer’s data, analytics, and rich insights enable the field sales force to effectively perform on the field. Also, the hyper-connectivity among the sales field team keep the team stay informed about the changing customer requirements and respond to the customers accordingly. It increases the overall efficiency and productivity of the sales field employees.

  • Create a geo-fence

With the mobile sales field, the managers can easily locate and allocate the work responsibilities to the sales field employees. To keep an eagle eye on the sales force, the virtual proximity can be defined for the employees wherein the alerts are sent to the managers if the employees go beyond the vicinity after the client meeting.

  • Performance assessment

To continuously get effective and winning results, it’s important to continuously review and improve every individual employee’s performance. The GPS tracking system unfolds vital insights such as timely visits, deal closing rate, and the number of client meetings in a day that further helps in assessing the employees’ performance.

  • Immediate issues management

The constant updates about field force activity help in overcoming the obstacles in field force management. For instance, the sales force on-field when faces vehicle downtime issue, then necessary help can be provided or the tasks can be reallocated to another sales field employee, which doesn’t impact the conversion rate.  


The GPS tracking system is a powerful sales force tracker solution that has answers to every problem such as where the field sales force is, what the field sales force is doing in the meeting, and why the deals are not getting sealed, that’s negatively impacting the conversion rate. When the GPS tracker is smartly integrated with CRM, lead management, and sales execution, the managers can get the visibility of what’s happening on the field without physically being there. Transform the field sales field operations and improve the results with GPS-based check-ins.

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