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What Are The Things To Be Considered Before Selecting The Best Sales Force Automation Software?

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Managing field staff reports, analyze the work, handling HCPs database, assessing sales and stock closing reports, and tracking the field reps’ location is quite a task when done manually. The slow and tedious process that’s full of errors won’t allow the sales reps to effectively approach the increased number of HCPs with the apt materials at the right time. The result- the reps can’t perform to the peak efficiency. What’s the solution? The Sales Force Automation software answers this problem innovatively.

The Sales Force Automation tool allows the pharma sales and marketing team to laser-focus on what matters the most. The tool analyzes the HCPs’ preferences, market, and channel activity to provide rich insights to the companies. So, they can provide valuable and relevant information to the field reps. The right information at the right time makes decision-making a breeze, which helps in bolstering the relationships with HCPs, increase sales, and improve the bottom line.

All in all, the Sales Force Automation software is serving field reps with the right data and the right knowledge, helping managers via automation tools and top-level administrators with accountability. It seems the MR tool is committed to bringing benefits to pharma companies.

However, everything is not so rosy. Let’s be honest: all the Sales Force Automation software won’t bring expected benefits such as salesforce effectiveness, operating cost reduction, nurturing healthy relationships, and customer-driven. Besides, the interface is sometimes not user-friendly, not mobile responsive, and renders poor performance.

That’s why before partnering with any Sales Force Automation software provider, there are a couple of things that you should check whether the features you need are available/offer support or not. Here’s the checklist that you should consider before choosing the best Sales Force Automation tool.

Ensure accurate, quick, and easy reporting

Updating every piece of information in real-time is impossible when field reps working traditionally. Also, creating a lot of reports don’t allow field reps to invest the time in productive tasks, and it involves errors too. The reporting software captures the data from integrated CRM and creates and submits reports to the managers in real-time. The daily live reporting information such as area of work, HCPs to meet, doctors visit, product promotion and HCPs feedback gets available on the app.

Works flawlessly on mobile

Most field reps spend a large amount of time on the field to serve the right HCPs with the right drugs. The mobile app with a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface allows reps to instantly access the data they need in real-time for the best output. Also, the instant connection with managers enables sales reps to get the required help and notify them about the tasks immediately. The handy mobile enablement, in addition to the web counterparts, lets the sales reps perform as expected.

Facilitate data-driven scheduling

Optimizing the schedule for sales reps and services they need to offer is a time-consuming task. The SFA tool allows the managers to schedule tasks and services for the sales reps based on the insights gathered from the data, including training, campaigns, conversions, visit dates, and so on. The managers need to enter the data, the software will automatically create a plan and schedule for the reps.

Optimize dispatch in sync with delivery requests

With impeccable sampling management, a centralized repository, and real-time reports, the managers can best manage the order dispatch for the sales reps when they close a deal. The order delivery is optimized according to location, estimated time, type of the product, and other factors to ensure deliveries are made as early as possible.

Enable insightful inventory management

The Sales Force Automation tool work wonders by acting as a multi-faced sales channel for pharma companies. The data and insights gained from previous sales act as a powerful channel in opening the doors for more sales. Also, it gives insights into the stock of the products to maintain for fulfilling the demand for immediate and extended deliveries. The advanced storage is essential, which’s managed by the MR software painlessly via smart analytics. 

Live tracking that leads to best management

With reporting app, the managers can track the field reps in real-time and create a tour plan that enables sales reps to cover potential calls and visit HCPs to best utilize the time. Set targeting doctors along with product priority to move the lead down the sales funnel. This way, the managers will have access to everything, and they can act like Google.

Securely manage the documents

Presently, keeping all the information on paper is not considered a safe move because if it gets tampered with, the data gets lost with no backup plan. The Sales Force Automation tool enables securely storing data digitally for future references. The centrally stored and well-arranged database makes the information access easy for the managers. 

Simplify targeting

Approaching the HCP conventionally never allows the sales reps to perform effectively on the field and seal the deals. The tool helps the sales reps know the potential HCPs and their interest in a specific product, which gives insights related to the product that sales reps use when reaching out to HCPs. The digital targeting with automated analysis makes the sales reps love the sales all through the way.

Holds accountability

The top-line managers always require the team’s activity and achievement-related data against the goals set for checking the performance levels. That’s where the Sales Force Automation tool excels. It allows the directors to monitor and analyze the team’s activity in real-time so that things are changed to turn up productivity and profitability.

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