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5 Reasons To Spend in Mobile Sales Force Automation Software

Published by Rupple Khanuja on

Increasingly, the businesses are warmly-embracing sales force automation software in India to turn up the sales reps into super sales reps, but they forget one thing- sales reps are not in the office, they are on the field.

While on the field, the sales reps have to do a lot of paperwork, data entry and sort through the booklet to answer the customer’s question. Doesn’t it sound awkward in the mobile age where every person is peeping into the mobile to find out what they wanted to know and the sales reps are going through the pamphlet or brochure? Of course, it is.

Moreover, with a desktop-based SFA, monitoring the sales reps is difficult, the chances of the information gathered during customer interaction get lost exist and penning down everything during face-to-face time negatively impact the efficiency, performance, and productivity. That’s where mobilizing the sales team is a good solution. Still, not convinced?

Here, a few more reasons explained that illustrates why investment in mobile sales force automation software is bang for the buck for the businesses:

  • Perform everything on-the-go

With a phone or tablet in sales reps’ hands allow them to access the customer’s data before the customer meeting, increase the response rate to queries raised by the customers, and update the information post-meeting with the customer just like medical reporting software. It helps the sales reps to satisfy the customers, not lose a piece of data, and get the opportunity to close the deal.

  • Data access anytime, anywhere

It’s a mobile device that remains most close to the sales reps and highly accessible. So, when the sales reps get the time in between other tasks, they can utilize the time to know more about customers such as the preferences, previous purchase, and interests, which helps them in preparing before the meeting.  

  • Better customer service

When the sales reps are armed up with mobile SFA tools, they can perform the job at ease and speed such as capturing the requirements digitally, processing the order instantly, and checking previous order status.

Thereby the sales reps will get more time to focus on what the customers require, the concerns they are having, and the feedback regarding products. Consequently, when the information is reported to the manager as a part of closed-loop marketing, the likelihood of conversions will be higher.

  • Monitor sales activities in the real-time

It’s a headache for the sales managers sitting at the office desk to track the real-time status of the field sales reps. The sales reps may be sitting idle and not performing the job as expected. That’s where mobile SFA helps them to find the exact location and check whether they are doing the intended tasks or not. The immediate reports help in revealing how much sales rep is succeeded in convincing and sealing the deal.

  • A higher degree of independence

The sales reps find mobile as an intrusive system that will snatch the freedom of working in the field. But, it’s not the case always. Traditionally, when the record of the customer or the product sold is missed, then there is no way to recover it, but with a mobile app, there is always a back-up. Therefore, no piece of data gets lost and its subsequent reactions can be mitigated. It’s bolstering the independence.

That’s all about the reasons to spend in Sales Force Automation Software. For more such updates, stay tuned!

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