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Self-Detailing The Powerful Weapon To Engage HCPs In New Normal

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In the last decade, a dramatic shift witnessed in the pharma industry in the way the sales reps engage with HCPs. The gala changes such as the face-time with HCPs is continuously diminishing (Even, not an option due to pandemic) and field marketing cost is rising are observed in the last few months under the corona crisis. It’s pushing pharma and life science companies to go beyond the traditional methods.

According to the survey, a couple of facts came at the fore:

  • HCPs’ expectations for the remote working tool has increased after the corona outbreak.
  • HCPs are damn busy in meetings and patient’s consulting, so they don’t like to hear from reps daily.
  • The reps waste a lot of time either traveling on the road or waiting in the clinic for HCPs.
  • During the meeting, the HCPs can’t give more 5 mins to reps, which is too short for convincing them.

The statistics showcase reaching out and engaging the HCPs is a hard nut to crack in. What should the companies do to turn the table upside down? The companies need to wear HCPs’ lens like other consumer-facing organizations for understanding the changes that come in the HCPs’ preferences, expectations, and content consumption habits.

Post-analyzation, it’s observed that 40 years old kid- detailing, that’s a backbone of HCPs communication shifted to e-detailing (Self-detailing).

Let’s understand self-detailing in a nutshell:

Post-corona, self-detailing has emerged as a powerful tool to remotely engage the HCPs by providing access to e-detailing presentations securely. To step in with transformed HCPs’ preferences to access the content digitally, the self-detailing facilitates HCPs to learn about new drugs, latest research, and updates anytime, anywhere.

The reps working from home can easily send the e-details as an email to the HCPs at their preferred communication channel, and later, the remote call arranged after the follow-up.

The solution allows pharma companies to outgrow, outperform, and outdo the competition through a set of exclusive features. They are:

  • A central repository

Store drug-related information such as drug, procedure, clinical trials, updates, and real-life cases in one place, in addition to HCPs’ response and reactions.

  • Virtual connection

The complete content shared with HCPs in the electronic form. The self-detailer is downloadable to enable offline access.

  • Request management

After establishing the virtual connection through e-detailing, the follow-ups with HCPs taken, where their request for samples, research papers, or journals is stored and managed.

  • Get a 360-degree view of HCPs

The digital engagement tool helps in collecting data from different touch-points (Which slides liked/disliked or the amount of time spent on every slide). The insights enable data-driven decision making and refining future-collaboration strategies.

  • Personalized targeting

Eliminating the conventional approach of sending generic content, the self-detailer customized to HCPs’ preferences for drugs and the communication channel.

The hard-to-achieve benefits of incorporating self-detailing in pharma marketing:

  • Increase HCPs outreach

The recent pandemic has restricted the reps’ visits to the HCPs who are quarantine, but self-detailing allows them to reach HCPs irrespective of the location and expand the coverage of HCPs too.

  • Improved engagement

The long-term relationship with HCPs depends on how much reps can engage them through content, interaction, and communication channels. Self-detailing enables targeted communication through online and offline channels, which makes it easier to seal the deal remotely.  

  • Make the content appealing

When the multimedia content such as images, animated graphics, and video added in the presentation, the key message is delivered in an eye-catchy manner.

  • Easy-to-push updates

The e-detailing consumes comparatively quite less time and dollars to update the presentation with fresh content (The mixture of HCPs response and experiments).

  • Consistency across multi-channel

Self-detailer is the best form of communication that complement face-to-face meeting or use in conjunction with virtual engagement for maximum engagement.

  • Growth in revenue

The increased marketing reaches through personalized marketing campaigns improves the chances of success, which ultimately increases the ROI.

  • Reduce cost

The reduced in-person meeting cost and no IT infrastructure set-up cost due to cloud-based solutions minimize the overall marketing cost by a large margin.


Self-detailing is a marketing tool that’s already in place, but its capability to meet the immediate needs of virtual engagement has made it a great option in the pandemic times. Additionally, the quality content, quality (personalized), and quality experience make self-detailing an ongoing trend that’s here to stay because the HCPs favor digital channels to communicate and collaborate. The long-term benefits describe the potential of e-detailing, which makes it irresistible to not integrate with the HCPs’ engagement. In the event you want to paint the picture of HCPs engagement using the colors of self-detailing, we would love to help you with our expert team.

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