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Why Can’t Pharma Companies Afford To Ignore E-Learning Solutions?

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The pharma companies are the backbone of many nations that manufacture and export medicines to the international markets and employ millions of people. Post-corona outbreak, like every industry, the drastic changes are seen in the pharma landscape across the globe.

The dynamic industry is facing unpredictable challenges. Upskilling the staff and making them up-to-date with the latest knowledge is one of the top challenges that pharma companies are confronting.

Training the staff is not a daunting task. But, continuously providing training to the employees for the launch of new drugs, for the changing market conditions, and the increasing need for regulatory compliance is extremely taxing. Plus, the lack of qualified trainers and expensive training are add-ons.

The time, dollars, and space challenges associated with face-to-face training can be addressed with e-learning training. Increasingly, the companies are counting on next-gen training medium to enable continual training for diverse learning groups such as R&D teams, healthcare providers, sales teams, quality assurance teams, and other types of learners. In a nutshell, e-learning is a scalable solution that works best for pharma companies in every way. Want to know more? If so, reading further would justify your time investment.

Here are the seven benefits of making e-learning an integral part of the pharma companies training segment:

1. It’s time and cost-savvy

The e-learning program eliminates the need to hire qualified trainers for training different groups. It means a lot of time gets saved.

With e-learning, the companies need to pour in money just once, and later, the online courses can put in use repetitively to upskill and upgrade the knowledge of employees. It’s a cost-effective deal.

Besides, there is no need to waste productive working hours to provide training as the online courses can be accessed anytime, anywhere, which boosts productivity.

2. Rapid updates are easy to launch

The online courses are not static. They can be updated at speed to keep the employees stay “in sync” with the latest drug launches. It benefits the pharma companies as the shelf life of patents is not more than five years, which in turn, results in the release of the new drugs.

It makes it very important to update the employees about the changes or new drugs. Going e-learning way, the companies can easily and quickly update the online material so that employees can be trained for the drug before it makes its way to the market after the development.

3. Meet the dynamic needs of the market

In the fierce competition, playing the role of pharma sales reps is not easy these days. Gone are the days when the sales reps carrying flyers or pamphlets able to convince the HCPs to consider the drug. The reps have to be specialists and must have in-depth knowledge of the products (The pros and cons) before reaching the HCPs.

When the e-learning courses prepared differently catering unique needs of each market segment, the reps can be made well-versed with the right knowledge and trained for dealing with HCPs to close the deal.

4. Works for the global workforce

To play a catch up with traditional training programs, it’s necessary to provide training to the employees uniformly where the same content with important instructions delivered to the employees.

The training to the employees of different geographic nations who knows different languages turns into result-driven when the online training programs translated into respective languages.

5. Improve the accessibility

The pharma companies are offering job opportunities to physically impaired people as well. That’s where traditional training programs are not very impactful.

The e-learning solutions take the stage as they make training accessible for the different disabled employees without needing to arrange different training for them. There are plenty of authoring tools available that enable easy-to-access e-learning program designing.

6. Mobile learning- a boon for the sales team

Primarily, the field salesforce travels a ton and waits for a couple of minutes for HCPs before meeting where they don’t have anything to do. This time can be utilized by the reps to complete the online training on the go or while waiting because the courses are available in digestible pieces that are quick to learn. 

Additionally, the valuable information and updates about the new drugs, research, and sales report helping the reps to perform better during the meeting.

7. Compliance tracking

No industry is as regulated as the pharma industry is. All the procedures and processes from research to the final launch must abide by the regulations implemented by the different nations’ governments.

The online training programs can complement traditional classroom training by making the employees self-learn the guidelines and regulations in an easy-to-understand form. Short online programs are very impactful in training the employees about GMP, GLP, GCP, and IPR.

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