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Multi-channel Marketing In Pharma – Is It A Devil Or A Boon?

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In the age of multi-screens, no one likes to consume the content from billboards, printed brochures, or radio. Even the HCPs are not alien to this. That’s why the sales reps’ face-time with HCPs has reduced drastically, and the virtual meets and e-detailing are found as the HCP’s preferences.

Thanks to multi-channel marketing that has provided an influx of channels to connect and communicate with the HCPs and tailor the marketing strategies accordingly. However, every coin has two faces, and similar is the case with multichannel marketing.

Let’s discuss how multi-channel marketing that’s an answer to the gala challenges the pharma marketing space is facing is now turns out as a devil for them.

How multi-channel marketing works like a pro?

  • Increase HCPs’ outreach

Multi-channel marketing helps in reaching out to the audience at the place and the time they are. It means, unlike traditional ways, approaching the HCPs on the preferred communication channels and platforms improves the chances of getting the content read by the HCP which uplift the chances of “Getting influenced.” The best advantage of the MCM is the sales reps can engage and convert the HCPs with higher response rates.

  • Customize the marketing campaigns

Segmenting the HCPs based on the preferences and then reaching out to them is all-imperative to uplift the conversion rate. The content plays a vital role, that’s personalized to meet the HCPs’ demand. For instance, the digital content distribution is when optimized wearing HCP’s lens like- PowerPoint presentations, short videos, or graphical representation, then chances of getting content consumed and digested by the HCP will increase. Moreover, for future interactions, approaching the HCPs at multiple touchpoints with re-packaged content in different formats on distinct channels increases the impact by many folds.

  • Provide more options

With multi-channel marketing, the sales reps may fail to gauge the attention on one channel but when they try on another channel with the same content in different formats, the chances to reinforce messages without ruffling up the HCPs’ feather are higher. In this manner, the multiple campaigns when used in synergy and complement each other, generate better results by giving more avenues for conversion.

How Multi-Channel Marketing Poses Challenges?

  • HCPs’ research and management is necessary

Personalized marketing is feasible only after HCPs’ segmentation, but it requires in-depth research about the journey that demands a lot of resources investment. However, it blesses marketing campaigns with great results. Taking a step ahead, restoring the HCPs’ trust in the pharma industry, which is already considered as limited supply is difficult. It’s so because reaching out to the right HCPs with the right content on the right channel and at the right time when not done, it jeopardizes the relationships.

  • It’s expensive

Reaching out to the HCPs using a variety of channels sounds good, but as the number of channels increases, more time, dollars, and resources need to be invested. Also, picking up one of those channels and then analyzing whether it works or not is a time-expensive approach that won’t work in the long run and adds to marketing cost too. The best approach involves investing efforts in those channels that help sales reps spread the wings intelligently.

  • Require advanced analytics

Without using advanced analytics tools, it’s impossible to sync data from all the channels and derive insights out of the data to find what’s working and what’s hindering the campaign’s performance, conversion, and sales. The multi-channel attrition demands advanced analytics leverage, and that’s pretty penny.


In the digital universe, going multi-screen can’t be an afterthought for the pharma industry if they are serious about pharma sales and marketing space. That’s where multi-channel marketing shows a ray of hope that helps in turning impact on HCPs to influence. However, to get everything right while traveling the MCM train, the pharma company should invest in MCM but invest in only those channels that you can track and fund so that winning outcomes are guaranteed.  

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